Frequently Asked Questions.

What currency is the BodyRock store?

All funds are processed in USD. You can see exchange equivalents using the currency toggle at the top right (on desktop) or in the menu (on mobile), but the checkout will use USD at the most current exchange rate.

Do workouts or how-to videos come with my new workout equipment?

The workout equipment does not come with videos; however, if you subscribe to Sweatflix, you will have access to over 1,600 workouts that use every piece of our equipment! With a 7-day free trial, you have nothing to lose! Click here to learn more about Sweatflix.

Will that promotion I saw awhile ago come back?

Sometimes we may bring back older promotions, but the best way to make sure you're not missing out is to sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on social media!

As a beginner, what equipment should I be using?

If you're looking for a single product, our trainers recommend using a 6lb Weighted Vest in combination with body weight exercises. We also run a Beginner's Bootcamp where we can help guide you to get back on track, every step along the way.

Do your offer group or wholesale discounts?

Yes, we do! Please see our Wholesale & Sponsorship page for more information!

I’ve noticed cheaper weighted vests online - why is the BodyRock vest more expensive?

There are cheap knock off vests online and sometimes at discount retailers, but these vests often bleed dyes and color when you sweat that gets on your skin and clothing. Our vests are the highest quality and you won't have to worry about color bleeds or the vest simply falling apart.

But my vest has fallen apart, what do I do?

Just like fitness shoes, your vest gets hit with a lot of sweat and impact! We recommend using our BodyRock Odor Aid to help keep your vest fresh and prolong its lifetime, but eventually, just like your shoes, they will need to be replaced. However, if your vest has fallen apart shortly after receiving it, it may be a manufacturer's defect, and you should contact us so we can send you a replacement.

What is the warranty on your products or equipment packages?

We offer a limited manufacturer's warranty on all workout equipment. Please see our Product Warranty page for more information.

I ordered an e-book or video workout series. How do I access it?

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our workouts, meal plans, tips and tricks, so all of our workouts and e-books are digitally delivered! Once you successfully purchase your products, you'll receive a download link in your email. If you have any problem with the download, or don't receive it, please contact us.

Are the videos available everywhere, and on all devices?

Yes, you can stream the videos from anywhere and from any device!

How do I access my order history?

If you created a customer account when you placed your order, you can login here to access your order history. If you did not create a customer account, but would like one, you can register with the same email address you used to place your order, and your order history will be waiting for you in your new BodyRock Store account!

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